The best places to eat in Bristol

proseccoWell that is a good question and whilst there are a number of superb restaurants in Bristol, it would be fair to say Clifton boosts many of the best bars and restaurant. Many of you may have seen the recent success of local Italian restaurant Prosecco. They were short listed from over 700 Italian restaurants across the UK for the title of Britain’s Best local restaurant. Diego and his team so narrowly lost to another Italian restaurant from Leeds who in our opinion ever so slightly cheated! However, Diego may be the winner in the long run as his flare and integrity came across so well on the Channel Fours F word, they have been positively inundated with booking. So if you would like to give they a try you may want to book well in advance. Still don’t be to disappointed if you cant get a table there are plenty of other great places to eat in BS8. Take a look at our eating out section where you can choose from a range of cuisines, with full contact details and more.

Congratulations Diego from Just Clifton!

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