History of Clifton, Bristol

Clifton is steep in history and was even reffered to in the Doomesday Book. Details as an area covering 861 acres, inhabited by 6 tenant farmers and families, 6 poultry farmers their dependants and 3 slaves and their children. Roger fitz Ralph was the lord of the manor and was thought to be a member of the Berkeley Family. Ralph’s successors went on to be known as the de Cliftons.

Time pass and the Clifton was passed to the St Lo family. The land of the original manor was split between three heiresses by the 15th Century and 300 hundred years on most of the property was owned by the Society of Merchant Venturers.

By 1712 the population of the Clifton was around 450, by 1779 had risen to 1,367 and by the 1801 census was 4,457.

The stunning views of Georgian and Regency architecture – terraces, crescents and squares which could be seen for miles, high up on the cliffs earned ‘Clifton’ its name.