Teeth Whitening Clifton Bristol

Teeth whitening is a very popular treatment. Serenity Beauty and Hair in Clifton, Bristol have been doing these treatments for a number of years and are highly regarded.

Teeth whitening is a simple, fast and non invasive cosmetic treatment producing immediate visible results.

It is the safest and most popular cosmetic procedure currently available in the world. It is not a new fad either. In fact, as far back as the Middle Ages, tooth whitening has been recorded. Thankfully times have moved on and it is now a much safer practice, with no harmful acid used!

We use a special method where we filter light to remove the heat, harmful ultraviolet radiation and infra-red light, which only allows the most effective wavelengths of light to enter the mouth.

This makes the treatment faster, more convenient and extremely effective in tooth whitening.

We use the All White Teeth Whitening System, leading theeth whitening specialists since 2008.

Call: 0117 376 3000 Now to book Your appointment or You can visit Serenity Beauty and Hair on the Clifton Triaagle, Byron Place.

£200- Complete Laser Whitening Treatment

£100- Future Treatment (For existing customers)

Telephone Lines Opens : Monday – Sunday 9:30am – 6pm

Group Discounts Available: When you mention Just Clifton

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