Just Clifton website gets revamped!

Well, if you have been to our website before, you have probably noticed www.justclifton.co.uk is looking a little bit different! That’s because two years ago, web designer Craig Brothers launched this site as a free promotional service to his clients in Clifton. “I live and work in Clifton and originally built the site as an example of my work. The added bonus to the clients was that they could advertise for FREE”. Two years on and the site is performing very well, so well in fact it could not be ignored any longer. “I receive calls all the time from people wanting to know more about Clifton. Some wanted to know what hotels were available, where you could buy a wedding dress, book a wine tasting etc… When I originally came up with the idea I knew it had potential, it was not designed to be a full blown information site, but that all had to change.” So here we are, the site has had a total overhaul and there are a host of new ideas to follow. “I have put in a lot of effort so I am hoping the local people, businesses and visitors to Clifton with enjoy using the site. My ethos has not changed, there is still a huge amount FREE to businesses and users to help the site evolve and grow. In the mean time I am going to knock on doors and strive to get everyone in Clifton to contribute to the site: Listings, News Stories, Events, Photo’s”. I have a few tricks up my sleeve, so watch this space!

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